Greetings! The Dumalag Water District is a Category D Water District located at Poblacion Dumalag, Capiz near dumalag town Plaza

The Dumalag Water District serving five (5) Barangays of the Municipality. The main system serving the municipal proper derive its supply from six (6) timberland spring located at sitioTalisaygripo, Brgy. Dolores. Each source has a capacity of six (6) Lt/sec. the water supply system is operated by fill and draw method to the distribution system, water source are collected two hundred fifty (250) GPM.

            The transmission line from the source (spring) catch basin to the main reservoir has a total length of 3.30 km with a diameter ranging from 3” O to 4” O G.I. pipes with the distribution lines have a total length of 5.5 km with a diameter of 50mm O to 250mm O. The pipe materials of the transmission and distribution lines all consist of G.I. ( galvanized iron) and PVC pipes.

            The actual operation of the water district began on September 2009 with the issuance of the Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) no. 0702 on September 23, 2009 by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) based on Presidential Act of 1973 which created the LWUA to assist the provincial/urban water system through loans and technical assistance.

            The entire composition of the Dumalag Water District are five (5) Board of Directors duly appointed by the Municipal Mayor as the policy maker, one (1) General Manager, in charge of the entire operations of the water district, one (1) accounting processor, as the bookkeeper, one (1) collection assistant, as the cashier, one (1) costumer service assistant, two (2) plumbers as meter reader, two (2) water resource facilities tender A.

            In 2012, the water system improvement was implemented:

  1. Rehabilitation of the spring intake dam at the source no. 1 located at Brgy. Dolores
  2. Modification of the water line connections for residential
  3. Water system expansion to Brgy. San Jose
  4. Rehabilitation of the main line (G.I. pipe size 4” O) at the spring source to the main reservoir which is sufficient enough to fill up the gravity in feeding the reservoir in four (4) hours